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Fylde Fresh & Fabulous are committed to delivering the right potato for the right use.

Every raw material grown and produced on the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous farm is always quality assessed before it’s processed. This consists of many different tests, including: tuber count, tuber size, dry matter, maturity mash quality, frying quality and the level of external and internal defects.

A rigorous daily commitment to this process eliminates many of the issues that can arise with the finished product.


Any change of potato varieties or issues with chip quality will be tested at the QA room at the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous base at Stanley Villa Farm.

As a commercially run business, we receive immediate customer feedback on all the important aspects that can help our future produce. These include overall chip quality, the ability for the chips to hold in the hot box, fry colour and any impact on oil longevity.

Working with Manufacturers

At Fylde Fresh and Fabulous, we work with ready meal manufacturers in their own test kitchens to examine the mash quality. Together with our partners and customers, we have developed further tests to measure mash texture along with suitability for use in a ready meal.

Dependent on the end use and cooking process which the potato goes through, this determines the precise potato variety, dry matter and maturity that is most suitable for a specific meal. Like a good wine, we choose the right potato for the right meal experience.

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Research and Development

Over the last few years, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous have been recognised as the leaders in raising industry standards in terms of mash quality. We have worked with our customers and partners to:

– Eliminate quality issues during the change from old crop to new crop potatoes.

– Reduce starch content in the raw material to eliminate a ‘sticky mash’.

– Reduce greying issues associated with potato cooking.

– Explore new varieties for an ever demanding and changing consumer market.

As a key voice on the Potato Council, Colin Bradley has been driving research and development emphasis from primary production to encapsulate the whole food chain as this ultimately helps to ensure that potatoes, in whatever shape they come, are a great customer experience and exciting to choose from in comparison to other carbohydrate sources.

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