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Our History

Fylde Fresh & Fabulous have come a long way since its incorporation in August 2005.

It was a momentous day in the early part of the following year when the brand new £1.25m Fylde Fresh and Fabulous potato peeling factory first came to life, signifying the end of several months of vigorous planning from the company’s co-founders and directors Colin Bradley and David Linton with experienced designers and developers.

From a modest production of ten tonnes in that first exciting week, sales of potatoes and chips quickly began to grow; firstly with a major ready meal manufacturer and then with the organic growth of their very own freshly prepared Triple F Chips.

Even from those very early days, the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous team recognised the lack of consistency in the supply chain for ready meal manufacturers and addressed this issue by establishing a unique growing programme. This included producing potatoes with exactly the right dry matter, maturity and consistency to produce a quality mash, and the same method was applied to potatoes required for chips.

The result from this growing programme was ultimately a much better quality product for customers and provided a platform on which Fylde Fresh and Fabulous could build significantly for the future. The company’s reputation for quality soon became widely recognised and has coincided with an increase in sales over the last few years, resulting in now national coverage.

As of 2015, the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous factory is at full capacity and the team have embarked on the next phase of expansion with investment in an on-site bio-gas plant facility that produces gas from waste potato peelings and converts this into electricity for the factory and local community.