We provide national coverage with our specially grown and freshly prepared chips, supplying our fresh cut chips to many award-winning fish and chip shops throughout the UK.

Chips Made Simple. This is the work ethic that Fylde Fresh & Fabulous incorporate while striving to maintain our reputation as one of the UK’s leading wholesale fresh potato and chip suppliers, putting a huge amount of effort into the year-round consistency of our fresh produce.

Fresh cut chips delivered directly to your door

Our national coverage means that we will be able to conveniently supply you with our freshly prepared and cut chips, wherever you are in the UK. Fylde Fresh & Fabulous are proud to provide our quality Triple F Chips to over 300 chip shops throughout the UK.

Full traceability of every potato and every chip

Our field to fork process ensures that every peeled potato, ending up as part of a ready meal or accompanying a fresh fish fillet from your local fish and chip shop, can be fully traced back to its field, along with its growing regime and history.

Fry and quality tested for consistency

Every fresh batch of Triple F Chips is fry-tested and quality-assessed before being distributed. You can always guarantee reliability and quality with our freshly cut Triple F Chips thanks to our high levels of compliance, and only supplying the best potato produce possible.

Sustainable and environmentally responsible – all fresh potato waste is used for energy

Fylde Fresh and Fabulous is powered by potatoes. Our biogas plant ensures that no part of our freshly grown potatoes are wasted, turning trimmings and waste into fuel for future produce.

Produced for the best taste

Each potato grown on the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous farm is grown for content; we don’t grow merely for aesthetics. Through rigorous testing, we ensure that the quality of our potato never dips, which allows you to pass this quality onto your valued customers.

Cost-effective for your business

Our drive for sustainability and passion for quality and consistency ensure that you receive the best possible value from the product you receive. Each of the above ensures that you, your business and your customers get the best possible experience from our produce and your relationship with Fylde Fresh and Fabulous.

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