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Fylde Fresh & Fabulous are proud to play an important role in helping to develop the careers of all employees.

Whether it’s out on the field, developing, supervising and implementing factory processes, office support or delivering our high quality products, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous offer a range of opportunities tailored to your individual needs and skills.

Our Values


Our potatoes are there for you whenever you need them. We are devoted to our sustainable practices, which is why we’ve invested in a new sustainable energy source... potatoes! This means our waste potatoes are never wasted; in fact, they power our farm and the local community.


Honesty is a vital ingredient in our process. You know when you receive an FFF potato that it can be traced back to the field where it was grown; our way of underlining the pride we have in our working practices and the confidence we have in all of our fresh produce.


We care for and nurture our potatoes to ensure that you receive only the best, all year round. From the moment they are planted to the moment they are peeled, processed and plated, the quality of a Fylde Fresh & Fabulous potato can never be questioned.


We outwardly strive to create continually superior produce and to develop our service, ensuring sustained progress. Whether it’s investment in the development of our team’s expertise, or in the continued advancement of our industry-leading practices, constant improvement and innovation is central to our growth.


Our commitment to quality is more than a value, it’s the core of everything we do. Whether it’s in the delivery of our service or through the produce we nurture, we strive for the best.

Why Work with Us?

Taking the potato from field to fork is a very rewarding process to be a part of and we are always excited about building for the future. A blend of youth and experience helps us broaden our approach in the industry.

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