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Our secret weapon – the Ramos Potato!

March 16, 2020 Posted by Alistair Law

Our Triple F chips have been a staple of food providers around the nation for over a decade, and we can credit a great deal of our success to our chip variety of choice – Ramos. Ramos is a large sized, high yielding, yellow potato that provides delicious taste and a consistent fry colour all […]

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The Sweet Potato Packs A Mighty Punch!

March 21, 2016 Posted by David Linton

It’s amazing what a little bit of sweetness can do for you. Sweet potatoes are deliciously filling, great for those who are trying to lose weight will release energy slowly keeping you fuller for longer with great amounts of energy and not to mention packed full of nutritious health benefits! In fact, sweet potatoes are one […]

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The Humble Potato – Perfect for Valentines day!

January 28, 2016 Posted by David Linton

What more could you want for Valentines Day? A potato of course! An American company Mystery Potato is now mailing out potatoes with special personalised messages for Valentines Day! Choose from a great selection of the standard potato, the sweet potato, the baby potato and of course the red potato! And get thinking of your special […]

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