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June 20, 2016 Posted by David Linton

A nations favourite, a timeless classic, a simple and comforting dish to many, and as chip shop suppliers, we take it seriously. If your the owner of a chip shop, thinking of starting your own shop or a simply a connoisseur of the great dish, there is one thing we can all agree on, quality chips are a must!

The care and dedication given to the simple chip can be the difference between a mediocre meal and a superb meal. The golden skin, the fluffy inside and the perfectly bronzed colour all come from time, dedication, skill and care. Here at Fylde Fresh & Fabulous we consider ourselves to be one of the best chip shop suppliers in the UK because we put 100% into every chip. Filled with enthusiasm for our lovely chips we decided to put together a short list to show you exactly why we are considered one of the best.

chip shop suppliers UK

1. Reliability 

If there is one thing you need time and time again is good reliability .You need to know that the first chip out of the fryer is as delicious as the last.  Building up a following for your chips is one of the greatest achievements for a chip shop, to be taken in by the local community, who in return promote your business for you! This achievement can only be achieved by continually providing classic chip after classic chip. To do that you need a chip shop supplier that can meet your demands and never let you down. Here at Fylde Fresh & Fabulous we work tirelessly around the clock to ensure your demands are always met so that your customers never go hungry.

2. Consistency 

Alongside reliability, it’s important to make sure that the first chip out of the fryer is just as good as the last. Consistency is the key to any business succeeding. Your customers want the exact same experience every time they walk through door. Making sure your chips are consistent time after time could cause quiet a worry for some, but having a professional chip supplier takes all the stress away. Here at Fylde Fresh & Fabulous we fry and quality test all our batches to ensure that perfect finish every time.

chip shop suppliers uk

3. Trace ability

Because we all want to  know where our food comes from. Not knowing where your food comes from is something is being quickly wiped out, as people reach for the organic section more and more its important to remember that with complete trace ability comes complete trust and confidence in a product. Being able to pin point the history down to the field that single chip was grown in is pretty impressive. That’s exactly what you get with Triple F Chips, each batch of chips can be fully traceable back to the field it grew in alongside all growing regimes. It’s all part of our From Field To Fork policy.

4. Cost Effective

Managing overheads and costs can play a huge part in the success of the business. Have you ever thought you might be paying too much for your current produce? What if you could get it cheaper and make more profit? What if you could get it cheaper, make more profit and increase on quality!? You might think this sounds too good to be true, but its not! With Triple F Chips you can have the consistency, the quality and the excellent price all at once, making your business a happy one!

chip shop suppliers uk

5. Sustainable – A responsible choice

We are all aware of the damage we do collectively as humans to this earth. Here at Fylde Fresh & Fabulous we decided to actively make a change and now you can make a difference to. Our new biogas plan ensures that the whole potato is utilised to provide both a food and energy source. The gas is produced by the potato trimmings is captured by feeding these biodegradable trimmings into a large Digester tank which then, balanced with grass silage and animal manure, produces sufficient gas to generate up to 500kw per hour of both thermal heat and electricity. All generated heat is used in the offices, the farm site and in the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous factory. The electricity is just as effective, powering the potato factory completely with any surplus passed on to the National Grid.

The next time you reach for a chip, look at the texture, look at the colour, check its fluffy insides and think about where it came from. One things for sure, we could tell you exactly where ours came from.

If your interested in using Triple F Chips as your chip shop suppliers, fancy a free sample or would simply like some more information about us and our quality produce, then please feel free to contact us. You can email us at 

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