From Field to Fork and then some!

October 31, 2017 Posted by David Linton

The ability to get a fresh chip on to a customer’s plate to compliment a range of high-quality fish is challenging, but when the potatoes are grown in Lancashire and the fish shop is in Brixham, Devon then it looks nigh on impossible.

However, due to the successful partnership developed between Fylde Fresh and Fabulous and Caterfood, top restaurateur Robert Simonetti of Simply Fish, has his chips delivered fresh every day.

“At Fylde Fresh, we manufacture chips every day. In mid-afternoon they on the way to Devon. Caterfood will take delivery during the night and have Triple F Chips delivered to Simply Fish, Brixham, in the morning. It couldn’t be any better if product was made just down the road.” says FFF Director David Linton

“We have great working relationship with Fylde Fresh and Fabulous, “says James Onslow, Operations Manager at Caterfood. “They are very reliable and product consistency is terrific. Even on the very odd occasion if there is an issue, they always rectify quickly”

Caterfood Telesales Manager Paul Eveleigh commented “we’ve seen double-digit growth every year for 6 years running with Triple F Chips.  Once a customer starts using Triple F, they rarely change. Our ability to deliver 6 days per week is also a big benefit and because we do big volumes every day, we are turning around fresh stock daily.

“I’m delighted with the product quality from Fylde fresh, “says Robert Simonetti “and also the frequent delivery from Caterfood. As such I don’t need to peel potatoes, can save room which means I can have more covers, making my shop more profitable”.

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