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June 4, 2015 Posted by David Linton

As well as playing a huge role in running one of the UK’s leading potato and chip suppliers, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous director David Linton also owns and runs a small but successful fish and chip shop in Chester.

The appropriately named Fish & Chips @Weston Grove has seen David combine a long-term passion for home-grown potatoes with an enthusiasm for top quality and sustainably-sourced fish, bringing both to Chester in abundance.

He is supported by the rest of the Weston Grove team: Kath Johnston and Gareth Clarkson, who share David’s key consumer passion for delivering quality food and served with a smile.


The unique opportunity to develop Weston Grove first arose in 2012 when David purchased the shop from an existing Fylde Fresh and Fabulous customer and used all his experience and knowledge of potatoes to truly bring the place to life.

Part of this experience stemmed from David’s invitation to judge the National Fish & Chip Awards in 2012 which involved visiting ten of the best fish and chip shops in the country. It was during this time that David identified the core elements of a quality fish and chip establishment, transferring this knowledge to Weston Grove to make it what it is today.

The focus, however, remains very much on developing the menu and maintaining that all-important high level of quality. After all, it’s important that customers know the origin of ingredients; it reassures them of a quality product and tells a story behind the meal.


Thankfully, Weston Grove boasts an extensive menu containing locally produced pies, homemade fishcakes and fresh ‘frozen at sea’ fish sustainably sourced from F. Smales. Gluten-free batter is also on offer, but the star ingredient of the shop has to be the Triple F Chips.

You can’t be one of the best fish and chip shops without having the best chips, and you’ll struggle to find any better than the freshly prepared Triple F Chips from Fylde Fresh and Fabulous; every batch fry tested and quality assured before being supplied to chip shops all over the UK, including David’s very own shop at Weston Grove.

Essentially, Weston Grove is about doing the simple things really well to deliver a quality, consistent meal each and every time that can be traced right back to its literal roots, and this is exactly what the customers get whenever they step into the shiny shop entrance.

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