Fylde Fresh Reduces Carbon Footprint with Renewable Energy

February 20, 2023 Posted by Alistair Law


Fylde Fresh and Fabulous have had a carbon audit undertaken to understand the footprint of both the growing and processing enterprises, this has outlined the offsets being generated through the renewable energy projects on site with the current anaerobic digester and solar panel installation.



The footprint of the growing side of Fylde Fresh and Fabulous’s business is composed of CO2 and Nitrous Oxide produced, with tillage practices adding to the footprint through releases of stored organic carbon in the soil. The resulting carbon footprint for potatoes produced can be seen below.



In the 12-month audit period, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous produced renewable energy from the anaerobic digester, saving CO2 emissions. An additional amount of CO2 emissions is expected to be saved annually from solar panel installation. The use of digestate produced by the AD plant on the farm and exports saved CO2 emissions compared to mineral fertiliser usage. Fylde Fresh and Fabulous has an overall carbon footprint seen below.


Results of the report were encouraging from an environmental perspective. In summary, Fylde Fresh are offsetting a surplus of 1120 tonnes of CO2e annually. This means they are offsetting 45% more CO2e than they produce.

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