How Do You Fry Triple F Chips ?

October 8, 2011 Posted by David Linton

chips frying

This is a question we are often asked at Triple F Chips. The easy answer? …. Either!

Carl Beesley, Triple F Chips customer services manager, used to own his own chip shop so is the ideal person to guide you through both frying techniques.


Triple F Chips hold up extremely well to the blanching process.

To blanch, fry the chips at around 145 degrees C  4.5 minutes. The chips can then be stored in baskets at ambient temperatures. Frying off should be done at 180 degrees C for 1.5 minutes. This will result in a nice golden chip which is slightly crispy on the outside with an even fluffy centre.

It’s an ideal solution for shops or restaurants with a small frying range, which cannot cope with surges in demand over a lunch or dinner period. Blanching allows the shop to serve customers quickly and produce a great chip.

Fry Straight Through

 Frying straight through is perfect for Triple F Chips.

The chips should be cooked at 180 degrees C for around 5.5 to 6 minutes. This will give you the perfect Triple F Chip!

Carl says “The debate as to which method creates the best chip has been discussed by Chip Shop owners for many years. We leave it to individuals to decide.”

 N.B. Frying times are estimates based on average varieties of potato and differences in individuals cooking equipment.

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