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May 28, 2015 Posted by David Linton

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Ever felt that the fish and chip world has been missing that one big occasion to celebrate, such as a day dedicated to those perfect portions of fresh fish and golden chips? Well, you’re in luck, thanks to

The fish frying website, in association with the National Edible Oils & Distributors Association (NEODA), is introducing the first ever National Fish & Chips Day on Friday 5th June 2015.

Over 10,500 chippies in the UK serving over 247 million portions of fish and chips every year officially have reason to join in the celebrations, but just how can you, as a fish and chip shop owner, market this new, exciting event as well as your own business?

1. Go Social 

You can tweet along with the special hashtag #FishandChipsDay and get your photos flowing throughout all social media accounts. If your business isn’t on Facebook or Twitter, now is the perfect time to change that. Social media is an essential tool for all modern businesses and best of all – it doesn’t cost anything!

2. Competitions

Having customers sign up for a competition or giveaway at your business is a great strategy to help build your customer list, and also gives those customers a reason to keep coming back for more. Why not offer free chips for a month for guessing the correct date of when your chip shop opened? It’s even better if you can promote your competition on social media too for further outreach.

3. Host events

Turn your business into a venue for tastings, fundraisers and other events. This will help you attract new customers and turn those occasional visitors into regular, loyal customers. Again, promoting an event on social media works wonders in getting word out far and wide, especially if it’s catchy enough to stick in someone’s mind.

4. Up-sell

An ever so slight Increase to the average order at your business is one of the best ways to improve profits. By suggesting appropriate sides or drinks to have alongside all the various portions, customers will appreciate their value for money and you may find that as the customer experience is improved, your sales will be on the rise too.

5. Promote in person

There is little point in having a National Fish & Chips Day if no one knows about it. So get a buzz going around the shop; get people talking about it; tell all customers whether they’re new or regulars. They are, after all, the ones that matter the most to your business.

6. PR

Contrary to the belief of many, the print world is far from dead. PR presents you with the opportunity to get yourself out there, not just online but in the newspapers too! Get your local paper involved in any upcoming events at your chip shop – what better way to start than with National Fish & Chips Day? You can guarantee your local community will love a positive local news story.

7. Fry the best

National Fish & Chips Day calls for the best chips and you can’t find any better than our very own freshly prepared Triple F Chips that we supply to chip shops all over the UK. Not only do we produce and supply a whole host of different potato varieties, but we individually pick out the best variety to suit your needs.

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