Meet the team at FFF – Dariusz Urbanski

January 11, 2021 Posted by Alistair Law

We like to celebrate the talent and experience we have within our fabulous team at Fylde Fresh.

Today our focus is on our awesome production manager Dariusz Urbanski, known to us as Darek.
Darek, a native of Poland, moved to the UK in 2006 and soon found his home at Fylde Fresh in 2010. Darek has worked his way through various roles at Fylde Fresh rising to the role of production manager 3 years ago.

After 10 amazing years of service Darek has had the chance to talk a little bit about his time at Fylde Fresh.


“From day one I felt I had the opportunity to grow in the company and improve myself. I have worked here for so long because I feel part of something bigger and feel valued by the company. When I started we had only one factory, now we have 2 factories and a biogas plant, the place is unrecognisable! With production records being broken week on week, I am excited about our current growth and look forward to the challenges to come.” 

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