MP listens to labour concerns over Brexit

March 31, 2017 Posted by David Linton

MP for Fylde, Mark Menzies, took the time to visit Potato Growing and Processing company, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous, on 17th March.

FF&F Director Colin Bradley explained, “We are concerned about the free movement of labour post-Brexit which could have a devastating impact on the farming and food processing industry in the UK.  Hence the need to ensure our local MP is fully briefed.”

In conjunction with the NFU, who also attended, Mr Menzies also met four of FF&F’s management team, who are all from Poland.

Factory manager Adrian Proniewicz said, “Brexit is a worry for us.  I have worked at FF&F for 11 years and made my life here with my family, and the possibility of being asked to leave is not very nice”.  All the Polish managers said they had always been in full employment and never claimed for benefits.  All had been promoted into management roles, have bought houses and raised families here.

FF&F Director David Linton stated, “These managers, and the other 20 EU nationals working at FF&F, are essential to the running of our business.  We would find it impossible to replace the same level of knowledge, skills and dedication from local sources at the moment. As such it is essential we retain and can attract personnel from Europe ongoing.”

Mr Menzies assured all attendees that it was not the Government’s intention to ask EU nationals to leave post-Brexit . On the contrary; they were recognised in making a valuable contribution to the British economy. He believed those already working and living in the UK would see no change post-Brexit.

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