Our Process

At Fylde Fresh & Fabulous we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards across the entire potato process.

We don’t grow just for aesthetics; we grow for content.

After harvesting our produce, we store the potatoes in a temperature controlled environment to ensure they are as fresh as the moment they were plucked from the soil… that includes beneath the skin.

We know, because we check.

Field to Fork

Based on a combination of in-house growing and a number of dedicated potato growers, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous control over 1,000 acres of complete potato production.


Test Arena

Our team monitor the progress and quality of our potatoes throughout, to ensure they’re consistent with the high standards each of our team set, even sampling the nutrient value of the soil in which they’re grown.


Powered By Potatoes

Our brand new biogas plant at Fylde Fresh & Fabulous ensures that the whole potato is utilised to provide both a food and energy source.


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