Potato Planting Progress

October 7, 2020 Posted by Alistair Law

Despite uncertainty many businesses are undergoing in these unprecedented times, Fylde Fresh’s farming division has been hard at work all throughout the year.

With the relatively dry months of April and May our planting operations were very successful, with seed and fertiliser going into the ground on time and without hindrance. Overall, we planted around 750 acres across Lancashire, Cumbria, and Northumberland. The majority of this area being put towards our tried and tested varieties of Maris Piper, Ramos, and Markies, while the remaining area was filled out with additions of early crops of Amora, Casablanca and Cabaret. It is always in mind to test, compare, and improve our variety selection and the results of these varieties will be monitored over the season to come.

During the crop’s growth period, test digs and quality assurance tests have been taken periodically throughout the different growth stages so that we are able to track the development of our potatoes and react quickly to anything unexpected. Fortunately, we have been free from any major crop problems such as pest and virus damage, and with mostly favourable weather throughout the year, our crops have been thriving, with initial results and projections lending towards a year of healthy crops and substantial yields. With the use of CIPC, a sprout suppressant, being banned as of this year, new forms of suppressants will be employed as potatoes go into store, with crop condition being of paramount importance for successful long term storage.

Even though storage is only starting to begin now, we have been working at full capacity since late July harvesting our potatoes for immediate use. Now our goal is to get everything out of the ground into our stores as soon as possible, with the hope that the English weather remains agreeable!

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