Potato planting update

May 21, 2015 Posted by David Linton

The past year has absolutely flown by at Fylde Fresh and Fabulous – it seems like only five minutes ago that we planted 2014’s batch of potatoes across our wonderful farming fields here in the Fylde countryside.

We were hoping for some optimum potato planting weather this spring, and that’s exactly what we got with the warmth and dryness this April for a hugely successful month of planting in 2015.



The same can’t be said, however, for the opening weeks of May which brought back the chill and downpours of the winter with only sporadic patches of warmth. Planting progress slowed somewhat, as did the growth of crops in the field planted previously.

But we know the weather will always work for us and against us, and fortunately we now find ourselves in a fine, dry spell with our planting teams working twenty four hours a day to finish the job as soon as possible.


potato field


Early crops have started to emerge from the ground and are looking strong! Despite them being approximately two weeks behind where we would expect them to be on average at this time of year, we’re still extremely pleased as always to still see them growing so well.


potato plant

The next big step is the planned harvest in July to get our potatoes spick and span, ready to supply to chips shops, ready meal manufacturers and food service providers in no time!

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