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May 10, 2016 Posted by David Linton

Ready Meal Suppliers UK

It’s a hard enough taking the responsibility of preparing large quantities of food to keep a large number of people satisfied and content with the meals placed in front of them.

It’s even harder when you prepare a minimum of three meals per day, everyday of the year. With Fylde Fresh & Fabulous ready meal suppliers across the UK can now serve and sell excellent quality produce while keeping costs down!

Here at Fylde Fresh & Fabulous we understand the pressure ready meal suppliers feel everyday, preparing hundreds upon hundreds of meals all year round. We hear the frustration from the customer, who sits down their evening meal only to find it lacks the flavour and quality of ingredient that everyone deserves! With Fylde Fresh & Fabulous you can satisfy every customer with our top quality produce while keeping your business costs down!

ready meal suppliers uk

We can supply freshly grown, fully traceable and quality tested potatoes at a price that’s right for you the ready meal suppliers. We also offer an excellent range of Triple F Chips that follows our field to fork policy. Based on a combination of in-house growing and a number of dedicated potato growers, Fylde Fresh & Fabulous control over 1,000 acres of complete potato production. So you know that every peeled potato ending up as part of a ready meal, or accompanying a fresh fish fillet from your local fish and chip shop, can be fully traced back to the field along with its growing regime and history.

As a ready meal supplier in the UK its important to know that the produce you select is being properly cared for and tested to ensure you get the same top quality results every time. Here at Fylde Fresh & Fabulous, we can guarantee: 

1. Reliability

2. Consistency

3. Trace ability

4. Cost efficiency

5. Sustainability (for the environment)

ready meal suppliers uk

We care for each and every potato that grows in our fields and work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that our high standards are kept day in, day out. As a ready meal supplier in the UK we urge you, for your business and for your customers, make an enquiry today and receive your free sample and taste the difference in carefully grown, fresh local produce. You read more about what make Fylde Fresh & Fabulous one of the best potato suppliers in the UK here:

If you work for or with ready meal suppliers in the UK and fancy a free sample or would simply like some more information about us and our quality produce, then please feel free to contact us. You can email us at 

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