Why are some chipping potatoes not frying so well this year?

October 27, 2015 Posted by David Linton


It’s only October, but already some chip shops peeling their own potatoes are reporting variability in fry colour. This is not something normally seen at this time of the year with harvest still taking place.  FFF Commercial Manager, Simon Leaver gives an insight as to why this might happen.

“The cold start and warm finish has prompted some secondary growth particularly in Maris Piper crops” says Simon.

Basically, a potato plant, due to the cold spring and warm autumn, can go on generating more tubers and also create secondary growth in existing ones, which tend to be smaller, lower in dry matter and not mature enough to harvest.  If not controlled before harvest, then the shop owners could be getting a variable crop of mature and immature tubers, hence the variability in fry colour.

At FFF we noticed this occurring early on, and controlled the crop’s creation of secondary tubers, by treating with Maleic Hydrozide – a proven and safe way to stop additional tuber formation.  Prompt sprout suppression application will also be key to ensuring adequate long term storage this year.

“Of course” adds Simon, “chip shop owners can avoid any issues by using already prepared, Triple F Chips, where the frying test is done on every batch, before despatch.

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