Young Fish Frier Finalist Visits FFF

August 11, 2015 Posted by David Linton

Roxy Vasai

Seafish Young Fish Frier of the Year Finalist Roxy Vasai from Scott’s Fish and Chips in York, recently took some time off work to pay a visit to Stanley Villa Farm and receive a tour of Fylde Fresh and Fabulous.

The purpose was to understand the potato operation and the work that goes into producing Triple F Chips, which Roxy uses in her shop.

“There is so much attention to detail that goes in to the whole operation from the care in selecting the right fields, the growing and harvesting processes, and then all the quality controls in the factory that ensures my shop gets consistent quality chips to fry,” explained Roxy.

She also was impressed with the way FFF deal with the fresh potato peelings. Peelings from chip shops who peel their own potatoes will most likely end up in landfill, but FFF use their potatoes to produce gas which is converted into electricity to power their factory and also around 600 homes in the local area.

“Environmentally, it’s is a much better way to deal with potato peelings and I also saw the water was also cleaned naturally using a reed bed.”

Scott’s owner and proprietor Tony Webster also commented: “It’s really important for my managers and staff to understand how the ingredients we use are produced. I am delighted that Roxy has made it to the last 10 finalists and I  hope she makes further  progress.”

FFF Director David Linton said: “We really enjoy giving customers a tour of the farm and factory site, and we wish Roxy every success for both the finals and the future.”

To book a visit to Fylde Fresh and Fabulous, please contact either David Linton or Carl Beesley. Details can be found on our Contact page.

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