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Fylde Fresh and Fabulous
we use potatoes to power our factory and site
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FFF factory
our biogas facility generates both electricity & heat
Fylde Fresh and Fabulous

Powered by Potatoes

Our brand new biogas plant at Fylde Fresh & Fabulous ensures that the whole potato is utilised to provide both a food and energy source.

2014 was the year that Fylde Fresh and Fabulous really stepped up its role in helping the environment by investing in a £2m on-site biogas plant using the latest Anaerobic Digestion technology.

The concept behind it is the gas produced by the potato trimmings is captured by feeding these biodegradable trimmings into a large Digester tank which then, balanced with grass silage and animal manure, produces sufficient gas to generate up to 500kw per hour of both thermal heat and electricity from a combined Heat & Power unit.

All generated heat is used in the offices, the farm site and in the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous factory. The electricity is just as effective, powering the potato factory completely with any surplus passed on to the National Grid and can power 600 houses in the local community.

Quite simply, the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous biogas plant is a totally integrated self-sufficient operation which makes use of all bi-products from the primary process of taking potatoes from the field to the point where they’re ready to be distributed to ready meal manufacturers, food services companies and chip shops around the UK.

The biogas plant is supplied by British manufacturer Marches Biogas.