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Quality, Reliable, Chip Shop Supplying

June 20, 2016 Posted by David Linton

A nations favourite, a timeless classic, a simple and comforting dish to many, and as chip shop suppliers, we take it seriously. If your the owner of a chip shop, thinking of starting your own shop or a simply a connoisseur of the great dish, there is one thing we can all agree on, quality chips are […]

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Calling All Ready Meal Suppliers

May 10, 2016 Posted by David Linton

It’s a hard enough taking the responsibility of preparing large quantities of food to keep a large number of people satisfied and content with the meals placed in front of them. It’s even harder when you prepare a minimum of three meals per day, everyday of the year. With Fylde Fresh & Fabulous ready meal […]

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The Sweet Potato Packs A Mighty Punch!

March 21, 2016 Posted by David Linton

It’s amazing what a little bit of sweetness can do for you. Sweet potatoes are deliciously filling, great for those who are trying to lose weight will release energy slowly keeping you fuller for longer with great amounts of energy and not to mention packed full of nutritious health benefits! In fact, sweet potatoes are one […]

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